Why Attend

BCCAT Conference

The BCCAT conference is where influential tribunal leaders, lawyers, politicians, scholars. and practitioners come together to share information and insights about changes and trends affecting tribunals.

Each Conference session is anchored in the experience of todays tribunal; what tribunal chairs, managers, and members face each day and how knowledge about the changes and research about the changes can open the lines of dialogue ensuring that tribunals and participants in the administrative justice system remain up-to-date with today’s landscape of administrative law.

Conference participants:

  • learn about the experiences of other tribunals that have implemented clustering
  • network and compare strategies with some of the most effective tribunals, researchers, and professionals in the community
  • strengthen communication and contact among members of tribunals
  • develop awareness of issues in administrative justice
  • become knowledgeable about available resources
  • have a one of kind learning experience, driven by the most current information in a learning friendly format conducive to learning and sharing knowledge and experience
  • Secure the bulk of your continuing professional development credits


Our Mission is to create the most tribunal relevant conference in the  country.

BCCAT has spent the last 20 years creating and designing conferences with the memberships interests in mind.

We believe the memberships central goals at conferences are learning about new trends and directions affecting tribunals within our jurisdiction and across the country, discovering new and useful information to help them better perform their duties, and creating a community of learning and connection.

We want our members to get the most out of the conference.  Here are the 4 basic principles that governed our program design.

  • Provide relevant and current information to our membership
  • Social experiences are crucial – allow for time to connect.
  • Create an environment that is conducive to adult learning
  • Create a space for honest dialogue