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Truth and Reconciliation Guiding Documents and Resources:

Administrative Law Resources:

Justice David Stratas (Federal Court of Appeal): The Canadian Law of Judicial Review: Some Doctrine and Cases (revised Oct 2022)

Paul Daly’s Administrative Law Blog: Administrative Law Matters

Mark Mancini’s Administrative Law Newsletter: Sunday Evening Administrative Review (SEAR) Newsletter

The Canadian Constitutional Law Open Access Casebook | CanLII

Principles of Administrative Law, 7th Edition, Carswell, 2020.

Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice (Issues),  Margaret Leighton, Carswell.

Canada Legal Information Institute – access to decisions of Canadian courts and tribunals

A directory of online Canadian Legal Resources organized by substantive subject and Canadian province

Inclusive Legal Writing:

Self-Represented Litigant Resources:

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Canadian Courts:

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Tribunal Independence:

  • CLE paper titled “Tribunal Independence and the Role of Elected Officials: A Critical Examination of the Pat Pimm Conflict of Interest Opinion” by Mark G. Underhill and Matthew R. Voell.  These materials were originally produced for the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC publication, Administrative Law Conference – 2014 (Vancouver, BC: October 2014).  This paper is posted with the permission of the authors, but the posting of this paper does not assign their copyright to any other publisher. View Paper

BCCAT Policy and Research Committee Memorandums:

Cases where BCCAT acted as an intervenor:

Northern Regional Health Authority v. Linda Horrocks, 2021 SCC 42
Northern Regional Health Authority v. Linda Horrocks, Case in Brief