Foundations of Administrative Justice: Practice & Procedures for Decision Makers:

“The course exceeded my expectations as I learned so much and was impressed with the instructors’ ability to make it interesting and pertinent.”

“I found it a useful review of things I learned a long time ago. It also made me aware of some changes of which I was not aware.”

“I was hoping for a refresher on the elements of procedural fairness particularly and felt that I definitely got that. Ethical issues was an added bonus and I found the group discussions of the scenarios the best approach.”

“Liked the way the case study was presented – lecture then apply concepts learned at each stage.”

“Well presented.”

“Very worthwhile course.”

“This was a great course. I learned both the principles of administrative justice and the practical skills of writing decisions and conducting a hearing. The instructors were very knowledgeable and created a comfortable learning environment. I would recommend this course to anyone working in administrative justice.”


Foundations of Administrative Justice: Practice & Procedures for Staff Members:

“… a special thank you goes to our instructor for delivering the course so effectively. Their expertise and engaging teaching style contributed significantly to the success of the workshop.”


Advanced Decision Writing Workshop:

“Very well done – practical and useful – learned a lot.”

“The decision feedback was excellent.”

“Very helpful to both existing and new staff at this workshop. I am looking forward to seeing how this workshop could [customized for us in the future]. Our staff attending this session really got a great deal out of this. Extremely useful and applicable.”

“I learned a great deal.”

“Quality of instruction was great. [The instructors] have a deep understanding of the material.”

“I will really be able to apply the skills learned immediately at work.”


Advanced Hearing Skills Workshop and Decision Writing Workshops:

“Both courses very well done and very useful. I took these courses to refresh my information on the administrative justice community as I had been in a different role for 18 years, and I felt I needed an update in protocols and procedures for writing decisions, and to benefit from the knowledge of those around me to make sure my decisions are as sound as possible. Being able to connect with BCCAT was very important to me and is very important for everyone in this community. People taking on these roles are not necessarily aware of what the role requires when first appointed. These courses should be a requirement for all BRDO appointees.”


BCCAT Custom Courses:

(Custom Courses are BCCAT Courses or Workshops that have been customized to suit the needs of a specific group.)

“BCCAT has been training our adjudicators for 20 years.  Participants have almost invariably enjoyed the experience and given very positive reviews in course evaluations.  BCCAT instructors are hard-working, professional and accommodating.  We are a better tribunal for their efforts.”

Jeffrey G. Hoskins, QC, Tribunal and Legislative Counsel, Law Society of BC