Course Schedule & Registration

Spring/Fall 2021 BCCAT Course Schedule

Please note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, BCCAT will be following the course schedule below and providing instruction via video-conferencing.

Course Name 2021 Dates Member Rates* Non-member Rates**
Administrative Justice
Practice & Procedure for Decision Makers
September 17th & 20th $600 $820
Administrative Justice
Practice & Procedure for Staff Member
November 8th $400 $550
Decision Writing Workshop October 1st & 4th $600 $820
Hearing Skills Workshop November 26th & 29th $600 $820
Administrative Justice
Practice & Procedure for Post Secondary Education Institutions
Please contact BCCAT to schedule (Contact the for group rates.)***  (Contact the for group rates.)***
Inclusive Adjudication and Understanding Bias
Please contact BCCAT to schedule (Contact the for group rates.)*** (Contact the for group rates.)***
Adjudication Skills for the 21st Century: An Online Primer Available on registration $499*
*Introductory rate
 *Add 5% GST on all courses.

** To access member rates, you must be a member of BCCAT.  If you have questions about membership or wish to inquire about custom courses or group rates, please contact BCCAT’s registrar at

*** This group course can be provided over one day, two half days, or alternatively, over a series of four seminars.

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*** Courses are approved as continuing education for members of the bar.


If you are a BCCAT member, you are entitled to a discount on all courses.

After you register for a course BCCAT will acknowledge your registration and provide you with detailed information regarding your course.

Note: Administrative Justice – Practice and Procedures for Educational Institutions is arranged separately between the organizations and BCCAT.  Contact us for further information.

Course Materials:

After receiving very positive member feedback, BCCAT has decided to join the paperless movement and initiate a paperless course materials policy.

Electronic course materials will be provided as PDF files, a universal format that provides access to tools such as highlighting and note-taking. Each registrant will receive an email 5 days before their course starts that will include the link required in order to download the course materials in PDF form onto their portable device. BCCAT will also provide and post tips on how to read, search and annotate these course materials on mobile devices.

BCCAT thanks their members for their encouragement with this initiative.

Cancellation Policy:

Please note that all courses are non-refundable if cancelled within 10 days of course start date.  Course enrolment is transferable to another member of your organization. Courses may be cancelled and you will be notified 7 days in advance if insufficient enrolment occurs. Please contact BCCAT directly with any questions.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, BCCAT will be providing instruction via video-conferencing and will be following the schedule listed above.