Course Materials

BCCAT is Going Paperless…

BCCAT course materials will now be available in electronic form only. The advantages are numerous.

You will be able to:

  • navigate your materials with ease as a result of the provided bookmarks
  • easily search your materials during and after the course for specific references
  • highlight and make notes directly in your course materials
  • receive necessary updates even after your course is finished
  • easily store and access your course materials
  • transport your course materials to and from your course with ease

How do I receive my electronic documents and how should I prepare for my course?

  1. You will receive an email from BCCAT that will contain a link to your course materials in PDF format.
  2. Save the course materials PDF to your device.
  3. Read BCCAT’s materials on How to Read and Annotate Electronic Course Materials.
  4. Bring your device to the course as paper copies of the materials will not be provided at the course.

BCCAT would like to thank their members for their encouragement with this exciting initiative.

Please click here for FAQ and don’t hesitate to contact BCCAT if you have any further questions.