2021 BCCAT Education Conference:

Accountable Adjudication: From Awareness To Action

This past year has, once again, highlighted the need for greater public accountability in Canadian institutions. Join the BCCAT community at our Education Conference during the mornings of October 28 and 29 to explore how individually and collectively we can make a difference by advancing “Accountable Adjudication: From Awareness to Action”. Featuring keynote addresses by Professor Val Napoleon, Law Foundation Chair of Indigenous Justice and Governance at the University of Victoria, and Justice Harvey Groberman of the British Columbia Court of Appeal, this year’s education conference will address some of the most challenging and thought-provoking aspects of accountable adjudication.

Our intention is for participants to leave the conference with a greater understanding of how to:

  • respect and incorporate Indigenous experiences and perspectives in the adjudication process
  • manage power dynamics in contentious matters
  • implement trauma informed adjudication processes
  • identify and break down barriers to tribunal access

This conference will also include an overview of the modern principle of statutory interpretation and its various rules, an exploration of policy concerns, and will end with an engaging debate on Charter values vs. Charter rights.

During the second morning of the Conference, participants will be able to choose between one of the following hour long sessions: 

  • an administrative law caselaw update, or
  • an exploration of the role of subject matter experts, or
  • a discussion of how people are accessing tribunal justice

Finally, before the start of each day, participants may choose to enter the networking area of the conference for some much-needed connections! BCCAT hopes to see you there!