BCCAT is run by the tribunal community for the tribunal community!

Your Expertise is Needed Now!

BCCAT serves the tribunal community through volunteers from the community.  This is our strength and what ensures our education programs best suit our members.  Your expertise and ideas are required, whether on the Board of Directors or Committees.


Education Committee

Steers and manages the development and running of BCCAT’s courses, workshops and custom training, including:

  1. Develops marketing plans for course offerings;
  2. Develops strategic plans for new course offerings for Board approval;
  3. Ensures sufficient supply of trained course instructors;
  4. Develops and upgrades course content;
  5. Manages relationship with clients for custom courses;
  6. Manages relationship with the Justice Education Society, who delivers registration and classroom services for course offerings.

Committee Chair: John Mayr

Nominating Committee

Attracts nominations to the Board of Directors at BCCAT’s Annual General Meeting and seeks replacements for any vacancies during the year.  May solicit membership for BCCAT committees.

Committee Chair: Shannon Salter

Communication, Outreach and Membership Committee

Implements communication strategies to expand membership and participation in BCCAT training and other offerings including:

  1. Develops and leads outreach initiatives which support BCCAT’s strategic plans;
  2. Expands BCCAT’s membership and explores new membership structures;
  3. Prepares BCCAT’s semi-annual newsletter;
  4. Enhances BCCAT’s website.

Committee Chair: Kirsten Pedersen

Policy and Research Committee

Researches and Develops policy content for the Board on over-arching sector issues, including:

  1. Policy papers on issues such as effectiveness and fairness in the administrative justice system;
  2. Conflict of interest and conduct guidelines;
  3. Independence and accountability of tribunals.

Acts as the Board’s liaison with Government policy departments on administrative justice issues.  Recommends to the Board policy responses to issues affecting the administrative justice sector.

Committee Chair: Julie Gibson

Annual Conference Committee

Plans and manages BCCAT’s annual education conference.

Committee Chair: Jacquie de Aguayo